Wednesday, July 13, 2016

O, What a Beautiful Morning!


I find myself getting up earlier in summer, not only because the sun in shining in the window, but because I'm anxious to get out there to enjoy some time before the heat makes it unbearable or the sun overtakes my shady sitting spots.

I water the vegetable garden so the droplets have a chance to dry before they become magnifying glasses to scorch the leaves.

 I weed a little in the comfort of cool breezes and most importantly, I take my coffee out and appreciate the garden. 

The coffee cup in my hand helps to allow me to stand back and look, rather than get involved with every little problem I see. It usually works, though I often put the coffee cup down and tackle a problem right then and there, on occasion getting dirt in my cup and ending the. act of being an onlooker, rather than a participant in this glorious green aspect of creation.

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