Friday, January 29, 2016


Take a bite out of clutter. 
Article 2 on my Clutter Clear Out Series Spill-over:
Confessions of a pack-rats
Oh the horror! My shove-all closet off the
family room. Time to pay the piper for
all the times I saved time hiding clutter
rather than dealing with it.

Let's not only hope for a spill-over of good habits and positive philosophies caused by getting our houses in order, let's live it. Let's tackle the dark corners where we shove clutter to put off until later. Later is now. 

Here's the garden bed I want to start with
in Spring. I remember what it once looked
like before the crab grass, etc.  moved in.

That corner is like that eyesore of a weedy bed under the spotlight of the morning sun. You know, that ray of beautiful light that slips between the branches and highlights a section of garden like center stage. What a shame for that light to highlight thistles when it could show off rich hummus planted with cherished favorites. That beam of light could show through your windows and into simple, peaceful bliss rather than cluttered spaces. Get in the habit and you'll be ready to tackle the tough garden jobs at the start rather than hemming and hawing  until the bugs come out and the heat begins to swelter. 

I'm ready. Are you? I've gone through the linen closet and one file drawer. I've made a bold swipe at the boxes of photos. I chide myself for not "weeding" out more but I have to remember that every little bit helps. It's a start and it emboldens me to conquer more, a box at a time. 

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