Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reprieve from the Heat?

A Reprieve from the Heat or Truly the Beginning of Fall?

It makes a big difference, life or death for the plants I may decide to relocate.

There is absolutely nothing like a cool front blasting it's way in after a soaking rain. The whole world feels different.

 I open the windows wide and drink hot coffee out in the garden in the middle of the day. 

I start thinking of new projects again where before, in the heat and humidity, I, like the plants, just tried to wait it out, survive.

Should I move that Red Bud that popped up in front of the front porch and is quickly threatening not only to overwhelm the other plants but also become difficult to extract?

 I love Red Buds, they're not that common up here in Wisconsin. They remind me of trips to the south and spark good memories of car rides with my husband and the kids. If I move it and next week we're back to 90° days it will be difficult to keep it alive and will probably compromise it's health. If I wait and we have another bitterly frigid fall like last year I'm basically in the same boat.

I'm sitting out here as the neighbors overpack their minivan for their son's freshman year in college. They stuff it with things they anticipate he'll need but will never bother with. I know because I did the same thing. It may be mid August but that happening next door feels like Fall to me. I think I'll move the Red Bud.

Other projects are no-brainers. They've just been waiting for the heat to abate. I'll go cut down some pesky buck thorns to ensure the Red Bud gets sun light in its new home. I can also do some dead heading in hopes of second blooms on the Monarda and yarrow. 

Then maybe I'll tackle the weeds in the long neglected side garden. This list is getting rather ambitious. I'd better finish my coffee and get going. I'm so enjoying this cool weather, be it a reprieve or actual change of season.

 It's feeling like Fall!


  1. Lots of redbuds have popped up here this year. I pulled a few that were doomed (growing beneath a large juniper with low branches), but I'm letting most of the others say. I think I could use another redbud or five :)

    How did your transplanting go?

  2. Well, thanks for asking! Actually, it turned out to be two Red Buds intertwined so it's a very good thing I moved them. The weather cooperated, we've had some good rains. Wonderful
    But you have 5? Enjoy them! So far, I can say they transplant well.