Thursday, January 28, 2016

Clearing the Path to Spring

Only the deer are out there gardening now: pruning and fertilizing 
Sure, looks lovely but we need to move on and get
something done until we can tend the real flowers
of Spring
Here's  what I propose we need to do when it's cold and white under the arbor, on the garden paths, and in not-so-lush places this winter. Yes, the go to answers we see everywhere are to peruse the seed catalogs, plan your projects, and gear up. Right and then what? I say, use your time wisely, get your indoor work done, your affairs in order and your clutter cleared. Work furiously, fearlessly and fervently to alleviate any possible guilt for the amounts of time we plan to spend out of doors this Spring and Summer.  I plan to delve into how we can do this in the next few days. 

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