Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Guess I'll Need to Get Used to the Cold

 I was rewarded for venturing out this morning in the cold by turtle heads and Rose of Sharon in bloom.

The Anemone looks fresh and full, practically calling the bees who, instead... 

 ...prefer to slowly work on the Ligularia. There's less pushing and shoving franticness in the cool air.

 Some of the last blooms on the rose bush look a little beat up and battered but look!, no Japanese Beetles! They must stay in when it's cold. All the more reason I'm glad I sucked it up, put on some warmer clothes and came outside.

Fall is definitely in the air and coloring the tips of leaves. 

I love watering on cloudy days. I don't wait for the shade to come around. I water indiscriminately, washing off the dust of summer.

 I cleaned off my sloggers and found some appropriate garden socks to replace my usual flip flops. 

Further rewards came in the form of lunch and possibly some work to do when I get in. I think I need to blanch and freeze a bunch of these lovely tomatoes.

Sometimes, the clouds and cool weather make me stop and take a fresh look at nature and what's it's been up to all along, the interesting patterns and habits.

These cool temperatures have really rejuvenated a lot of the annuals that I thought were done for the summer.

So glad I came out to see and be a part of this.

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