Saturday, July 23, 2016

Redirecting Your Eye

After having done all I can to restore some sense of privacy to our backyard, only to have the neighbors cut more trees out, opening our previously wooded and secluded view to more and more homes and locations once hidden, I feel like giving up. At this point, since I can't make my trees and bushes grow faster, I need to redirect the focus from our back door and patio. Right now we look out and see the construction machinery and bare clay of the soon to be park. I guess our neighbors wanted us to share in their misery after the woods was clear cut so they cut their trees down as well. Who doesn't like a woods? You don't move onto a wooded property to cut it down.

Anyway, instead of continuing to be bitter, I need to divert attention from the barren ground to a new vista. There will be a number of stages to the project in that the height of the heat spell in mid-July is no time to be transplanting flowering perennials. What I can do is plot out a new garden focal point, plan the removal and transplanting of the 5 foot tall anemone that block the way, trim up some bushes and trees to allow a direct view but keep a bit of mystery and intrigue.

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