Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moments Later: Gardens in Spring are Amazing!

Despite the cool weather and low rainfall this spring, everything is up, growing and blooming! It always amazes me. No matter what's going on in your life, no matter how busy you've been or the sorrows or the joys, the ups and the downs, God is faithful in his creation. The perennials poke their noses up to sniff the air, check to see if it really is spring and then elbow their way through the barren soil, the crisp leaves, the chilly air. Then suddenly they're pushing and shoving for position. Watch out!
It won't be long before the tea 
room is overtaken and the tea 
pot needs to be rescued from 
this lovely floral runner.

The cracks and  brokenness
 no longer matter. The
 foliage and flowers are all 
anyone notice. They steal
the show.

Almost obscured now, this miniature gazebo protects a new hosta from bunnies and deer but it won't hold it for long. Then on it will go to the fairy garden for magical moments where it will be welcome in the miniature landscapes. 

 Jacob's Ladder, Astilbe, Hardy Geranium and Euphorbia jostle for space around stepping stones. 

 Sweet cups of polka dots don't last long before they burst forth and turn tea time into ice tea time on lawn chairs.

 Finally, I love to see this hosta at this intermediate state, as it seems to be expanding before my eyes. That stone will not see the light of day until fall once it becomes overshadowed by those enormous seersuckered  leaves. 

I love every minute of Spring. 

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