Saturday, May 30, 2015

Garden Cliques and Communities

From a distance it looks like a clamoring crowd but when you think about it, you realize gardens are like communities.

 Look more closely and see the little clusters of social groups. They have so much in common: they love the sun, the dirt between their toes and drinks after a long day. However they are also individuals and proud of it, with their colorations, textures and heights. Husker Red Penstamone, soft, fuzzy Lamb's Ears and the very tall variety of Black Eyed Susans create quite a contrast.

Often times, family members show similar qualities but can be so different.  Size, color, texture, and leaf shape in endless combinations make hostas one of the most collectible plants. Both their variations and their similarities are what make them look so nice together.
It's true, often opposites attract. Short and tall, thin and wide. They compliment one another, showing off one another's best features. Alone, each is stunning but together they are breathtakingly beautiful.

The serrated edged leaves of the fall blooming Anemone, the red tips of the spring leaves on the Spirea with the cuppy woodland Ginger look phenomenal together.

Some speak a loud, colorful language, while others are subtle. Throughout the summer conversations ebb and flow with first this one, then that one, voicing their thoughts and opinions. 
Some are quiet and let other others do all the talking but the neighborhood just wouldn't be the same without them.
Taken as a whole the subtleties of the garden can be overlooked.
With coffee in hand one needs to stop and observe each little cluster. Listen to the conversations, notice their interactions.
When one is obviously dominating or crowding others, measures need to be taken to assure harmony, often in the form of a sharp spade.
Other areas I wouldn't touch for anything, wishing they could stay in this perfect balance forever.
At first glance this monochromatic gathering seems about as interesting as dry toast, until you notice the sprinkling of dots like laughter and the over-reaching leaves in a wide-armed stretch. Now that's comfort in your surroundings like old friends who know each other well.
Springtime is like the first time neighbors come out after the long cold winter, full of smiles and stories.
Enjoy it now before everyone starts getting into everyone else's business or retreat in the hot summer temperatures.

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