Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Whimsy: Prayer Spiral

Sure you can pray anywhere. One does not need a special place but as Dorothy Frances Gurney said in her poem, God's Garden, "One is nearer God's Heart in a garden than anywhere else on Earth." I have had wonderful experiences in prayer labyrinths. I've gone with my bible study friends to local labyrinths but you never feel as totally at ease as you do in your own backyard. 

Spirals are such a part of God's natural creation and evolution. They are fluid, intriguing and even mathematical http://jwilson.coe.uga.edu/emat6680/parveen/fib_nature.htm. You find them in fern fiddle heads, sunflower seed formations, vine tendrils and pinecones. There is intense energy as well as overwhelming peace in the order and clarity of a spiral.

I planted mine with marigolds which are both warm and whimsical. My sister added a piece of rose quartz in the center which is sort of fun but possibly distracting. I find it natural to offer my petitions, tell God my troubles, ask my questions, sometimes even rail on my way inward. I stand before God in the center of the spiral. I find peace, quietude, silence in the center. When my soul is sufficiently quieted and unburdened I slowly leave the spiral, listening, waiting, in thanksgiving, receiving from God the answers and  the strength needed to face the day and its challenges. It takes great control not to stop for a weed or pinch off a spent flower. That must be left for another time, ironically  a time on my knees. A time to plant and a time to pluck up (Ecclesiastes 3:2b)

My prayer spiral was a part of my instant garden but it can be added anywhere at any time, in a garden, preferably where you're not competing with too much in the way of  ground covers. Choose plants that will stay put; that's why I choose annuals. I also have the deer to consider so I choose deer resistant plants, marigold, in this case
If you're installing the prayer spiral over sod or other ground cover completely cover the ground, plants and all with cardboard. Determine the center and begin laying out the walking portion of the spiral in wood chips or gravel. Fill in the correlating spiral with mulch or soil. You only need an inch or two. Plant with seeds or insert plants through the cardboard.
Prayer spirals add whimsy to the garden and also a place of deep spiritual connecting with God. God's creations are often whimsical. Why shouldn't we be as we come to him to share our joys and yes, our sorrows?

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