Monday, July 7, 2014

Garden Whimsy: Clothes Line Summer Shade

Seems like there is never enough shade when you want it in summer. In spring we seek out the warm sunshine to thaw our frozen toes and tan our winter white skin. As temperatures rise we hug the edges of shade, follow it through our gardens to weed and water in relative cool. This is when anything that can be called into double duty is desperately sought out, cajoled and subject to the whatever we can imagine. Wheelbarrows and buckets can be propped to shade vulnerable transplants from direct sunshine; canopies come in so handy for construction or involved garden projects. But when it comes to garden entertaining pull out all the stops and let your imagination run wild! Pull out some sawhorses and a sheet of plywood under the big tree. shabby chic table under the trees With a pretty white linen table cloth and some other items from the dining room you have shabby chic in the shade.
How about that clothes line and a fresh cotton sheet? Pull the picnic table underneath for casual dining. Go ahead and throw some cute clothes on the line to complete the theme.
Enjoy the garden all summer long. Be creative and keep cool.

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