Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garden Whimsy: Hose Guides

Sure you can buy those non-distinct hose guides at the home and garden stores but why? Yes, of course to protect your plants from being run over and broken off by that hose you're dragging through the gardens but why buy them when you can be creative, be earth friendly, and whimsical.

Hand clippers have become obsolete or have they?
I've created such winding paths in some of my gardens that there is no way I could just pull the hose through without wrecking half the garden. I don't think that hose guards need to be purely functional. They can be attention getters in their own rights. They can be garden items that no longer have any practical use or simply don't work anymore. They can be pipes with elbows and knees. Let the creativity flow.

Some of my garden areas are woodsy and natural. To have a shiny metal post sticking out of the ground would be out of place. Stick a sturdy branch in the ground or strategically place an angular rock so that the hose will catch and not slip over. Keep it in tune with its surroundings unless of course you want it to be a show stopper. Be creative.

Tell me. What creative things have you done to protect your gardens form the water serpent?

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