Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bird's Eye View

If only I could soar high above my gardens to see if I've accomplished what I've set out to, whether the paths are the kind of straight or

unstraight I was hoping for...

...whether my spirals were tight enough...

...or my plantings arranged just precisely enough to look haphazard, as nature would do.

I look on Google Maps satellite view occasionally, but it's never detailed enough to see specific plantings. It's NEVER ever up to date.

 So, sometimes I just stand upon something higher to get a better look,
or sometimes I just look out an second story window

 If it helps now, when all the perennials are small and manageable, imagine how much more valuable it will be when you can barely see beyond the first couple rows of the border.

 The one advantage to getting a couple pictures now or just gazing out into the garden when it's spring is that you can see straight through the leafless trees, on into the woods or just under the tree that sits just outside the window,
 Soon the leaves that shade the delicate plants will also block your bird's eye view.

No matter what you can see out your window or from a higher perch, it's

always good to get a look from another angle for planning purposes, or just to admire your handiwork.